Hi Friends. Thank you for all your support. Old Frontiers has been closed down to focus on other projects:

Velvet Chrome - Odds & Ends to a New Meaning CDr/Artzine

Distended/Grooves/Bent/Psyche/Tortured/Electronics. Montreal wizards Jane L. Kasowicz & Francesco De Gallo deliver strange Kraut jams dissolving into UFO Black Hole Meltdowns. Light some incense...open your fourth, fifth and sixth eyes. Comes with a 12-page artzine of sketchbag collages by Sean Gadoury, printed in rich black, all packed in a vinyl sleeve. Nice to look at and hold.


Tape At Sea - Art Print by Sean Gadoury

 A limited edition print of a collage piece by Hamilton Ontario artist Sean Gadoury (http://www.groupof7billion.com). Measures 9.5 x 11 inches. On 220lb cardstock, full-bleed, stamped, numbered, signed. Suitable for framing.

 Edition of 11.


Motion Sickness of Time Travel - A Marbled Youth c21

angelic croons of synergetic babylon follow and merge with sonic dream synapsis...the elevator cruises on pulse-o-matic mode, the walls glow infinitely and as you stare upwards at the plastered ceiling long enough you see remnants of omni-consciousness taking life and sending subliminal messages of further knowledge....makes one feel that one rachel evans is completely in tune with the light matter magic of the universe...the automatic doors open ad you are propelled into a digitized utopia where the sounds take shape into tropic life drawing you in. magical as personal creativity should be, rachel roses per usual --->reps the highest par of beautiful synth/vocal hypnosis/mind healing music.


Sundrips - Tangled Paths Swept Away c40

Ryan & Nick are back from the Celestial Tropics, and they’ve returned with a document of their hemispheric cascades. Contained within this sturdy red shell are monumental auditory fireworks. Pro-duplicated edition of 75.


Sundrips 2 by oldfrontiers

Sundrips 1 by oldfrontiers

Tuluum Shimmering - Orange & White Feathered String c50

The inimitable Tuluum Shimmering returns! Ascending, transcending, floating down the river Nile.

Artwork by Sean Gadoury
Pro-duplicated. Edition of 50.

sold out. thanks!

Josh St. Denis / Misner Space Split c22

Side A: Josh St. Denis offers treated analogue-sourced field recordings accompanied by beautiful guitar stylings. 
Side B: Misner Space delivers an acoustic set recorded on cassette from the forest floor.

Artwork by Sean Gadoury. 
Pro-duplicated. Edition of 50.

sold out. thanks!

UUUUUU - Untouched By Morning, Untouched By Noon c30

UUUUUU is Scotland's Derek McArthur. His "Morning" cassette is a stunning 4 song string/guitar instrumental masterpeice. the bellowing drones wash over us and pulse at a slow anesthetic speed carrying us forward as he narrates with pensive back-wood melodies and spine tingling chime-like swells with his guitar drawing board. honest heartwarming reflections, guitar music at its very finest. Definately want to hug this man in person as im sure alot of his listeners also wouldnt mind doing.


Annie Shaw - Shanty Awe c30

Annie Shaw is a local darling who is a jazz pianist/composer/songwriter, and willing participant and collaborator in some of hamiltons most outlandishly amazing bands including: glass eyelashes, pucumber sasquach family band, guillotine and misner space where she provides numerous roles such as bass/piano/main and backup vocals/half drum tempo ruckous/acoustic and electronic meandering and pretty much anything and everything else, She is truly a Jill of all trades...but to get to the point: for 2 of her friends that run a little cassette label bound to reach some ears that appretiate music in all its vast beauty who are likely more prone to value it for its limited intimacy this is one of the most exciting honours to have a friend so amazingly talented and unbound offer such a spellbound prayerbook that is SHANTY AWE, a 30 minute album containing so many shades of conjointed melodic and dissonance colour which lay its body somewhere within the realm of innocent improvisation and premaditated alchemy. This is DAUNTINGLY HAUNTINGLY GORGEOUS music Recorded to cassette and further treated for release by sean at the 7 billion residence. cover art by scojo. Theres no true way of describing this, you really have to listen to it friends, sean has a full album preview on soundcloud for the time being, check it out.


Hobo Cubes - Slow Summer Soul c30

Hobo Cubes is Montreal’s Francesco De Gallo. On Slow Summer Soul, he digs away at the concept of summer listlessness. Approaching the solstice time stretches its legs, and then gives way to increasingly shorter summer days. There’s a point in the evening, as the sun is setting, where its colour intensifies and imparts a recognition that nothing lasts forever, not even summer. That’s where this music lives.
Exquisitely assembled, the cover features printed transparency overlays on shiny gold cardstock. To hold this in your hand is to hold a fragment of a true pimp's soul. Pro-duplicated edition of 50.


Reedbeds - Heirloom Rust Garden c40

Reedbeds is Sacramento’s Carter Mullin. Ornate guitar loops transport us to a botanical garden for a nature walk at dawn. Appropriately titled, Heirloom Rust Garden takes long deep breaths. These waves of sound gently construct spiritual origami. Inner wellness ensues.
Lovingly designed, the cover features printed transparency overlays on textured silver cardstock. It must be held to be appreciated. Pro-duplicated edition of 50.

Dry Valleys - Movile Cave Sojourns c39

Movile Cave Sojourns is music by Adam 6 Billion, knitting blankets from glaciers, inducing zero-gravity consciousness with arms open wide… a dream within a dream within a dream: Eternal smooth sailing sky plateau. Home dubbed edition of 50.


Dry valleys 2 by oldfrontiers

Dry Valleys 1 by oldfrontiers

Dr. Sean Gadoury - Sky Burial c60

Dr. Sean Gadoury brings us silver milk tonic flowing from the ether. 8 tidy compositions culled from different recording sources but the same inspirational realm. Sky Burial is like living in the land of lighters but trying to ignite your cigarette with chapstick.

sold out. thanks!

Misner Space - Radika Quansoon c30

A special group of 6 players hammering yellow tears straight ta fuckin' heaven. Unidystopian audio de-forestation. A thick veil of smoke binding all sounds like toxic glue. Glimmers of hope still manage to seep through the fog.


Thoughts On Air - Random Tandem 2xC40/3"cd-r/Artbook

Old Frontiers is extremely thrilled to offer this explosive package of colours and sounds from Hamilton's own Thoughts on Air/Scott Johnson. Where to begin? How about with 100 minutes of blissful bedroom gems? The tracks range from fuzzed-outer space psychedelia to scuzzy love songs to prime examples of Scott's signature shimmery-sparkling guitar sound and everything in between.

In keeping with the concept of randomness, included is a twelve page art-book of pieces made by Scott & Sean on a colour photocopier using a technique of blending images by feeding the paper back through the machine: a unique process with fortuitous results.

Edition of 28

Thoughts On Air - Organ of Youth/Summer Sizzle from BOO TOUBE on Vimeo.

Basked Unit - L.M.N.O.P. c50

Para-mounting strings digging holes into strange new ground, opening portals into unforseen realms. A juggernaut of biblical proportions. Sounds of burnt popcorn combine with widescreen liquid crystal displays to form a truly musical experience. Better bring your 3D glasses. Featuring Mike Pouw, Scott Johnson, Sean Gadoury & Josh St. Denis.


Dr. Sean Gadoury Art Booklet

12 pages including covers, each page measures 8" x 4.5". Centerfold spreads across two pages. This is a colour printed art booklet constructed by Dr. Sean Gadoury in 2011. Images from this book were used for the covers of Old Frontiers releases by Basked Unit, Misner Space & Dr. S Gadoury. All content derived from the World Book Encyclopedia set. All cutouts have burned edges to lend a more organic feel to the pieces. These images are densely packed psychedelia.

currently out of print


6 artist compilation:
Electroluminescent, Atlas of the Universe, Coventry Music, Thoughts on Air, Palm Reader, Basked Unit (live set)

58 minutes of Centralized Ontario Canada drool which begins with a celestial synth presence that could be the contemporary soundtrack for a Blade Runner remake...compilation then dips into mystic/creep/rustic pop/psych sewage and crawls out into your front lawn with 20 minutes of live summersault guitar excercises, ends with: "thats my buddy over der, eh guysss?"

each copy of this compilation is completely homemade/recycled and made with good intentions and these honest little baby seeds will eventually sprout a pro-label with yallz helpin hands. each copy will fund aproximately 4 dollars toward limited pro-dub cassette editions

warm regards, S and S