Annie Shaw - Shanty Awe c30

Annie Shaw is a local darling who is a jazz pianist/composer/songwriter, and willing participant and collaborator in some of hamiltons most outlandishly amazing bands including: glass eyelashes, pucumber sasquach family band, guillotine and misner space where she provides numerous roles such as bass/piano/main and backup vocals/half drum tempo ruckous/acoustic and electronic meandering and pretty much anything and everything else, She is truly a Jill of all trades...but to get to the point: for 2 of her friends that run a little cassette label bound to reach some ears that appretiate music in all its vast beauty who are likely more prone to value it for its limited intimacy this is one of the most exciting honours to have a friend so amazingly talented and unbound offer such a spellbound prayerbook that is SHANTY AWE, a 30 minute album containing so many shades of conjointed melodic and dissonance colour which lay its body somewhere within the realm of innocent improvisation and premaditated alchemy. This is DAUNTINGLY HAUNTINGLY GORGEOUS music Recorded to cassette and further treated for release by sean at the 7 billion residence. cover art by scojo. Theres no true way of describing this, you really have to listen to it friends, sean has a full album preview on soundcloud for the time being, check it out.