Thoughts On Air - Random Tandem 2xC40/3"cd-r/Artbook

Old Frontiers is extremely thrilled to offer this explosive package of colours and sounds from Hamilton's own Thoughts on Air/Scott Johnson. Where to begin? How about with 100 minutes of blissful bedroom gems? The tracks range from fuzzed-outer space psychedelia to scuzzy love songs to prime examples of Scott's signature shimmery-sparkling guitar sound and everything in between.

In keeping with the concept of randomness, included is a twelve page art-book of pieces made by Scott & Sean on a colour photocopier using a technique of blending images by feeding the paper back through the machine: a unique process with fortuitous results.

Edition of 28

Thoughts On Air - Organ of Youth/Summer Sizzle from BOO TOUBE on Vimeo.